Meet Joey


I am a brown and white, neutered male, who is estimated to be about 4 years old. 

Sweet little Joey was so scared and shut down at the shelter that one of our volunteers scooped him up and took him into foster where he's blossomed into the happy, loving dog he was meant to be! He's demonstrated wonderful house manners in his foster home. He's easy company - quiet, polite and low key. Joey already knows lots of commands like sit, stay, shake, and down. Plus he's house and crate trained!

Joey REALLY bonds with his people. Affectionate but not pushy about it, he wants nothing more than to just be near you - curling up at your feet or even better snuggling up on the couch for bellyrubs. He loves to cuddle up in bed with his people but is also just fine in his crate or on his bed. Joey's a social boy who loves house guests and he's always friendly and excited to meet them, often wiggling up to them for petting and sneaking in a few kisses.

Joey is a bit of a homebody and once he's away from the comfort of home he can get pretty nervous. This sensitive guy would do well with plenty of positive reinforcement, praise, and an owner who will help build his confidence and show him how positive the outside world and new experiences can be!