Meet Autumn


I am a chocolate and white, spayed female, who looks like a Pointer and Harrier.

I am estimated to be 4 years old.

I am not currently at the Austin Animal Center, but I am staying in a foster home. If you are interested in adopting me, please email

Autumn is a super sweet, FUN, active dog who loves her foster brother and sister. When she first came into the shelter, she was more shut-down, and needed a lot of leash training. Her foster family reports that she has gotten WAY better on leash, and is now better on leash than their own dogs. She is following verbal commands, has learned some tricks, and knows how to fetch now. When Autumn first came into AAC, she was originally skittish, especially around male dogs, but she is very trusting of both males and females now and is best friends with her foster brother and sister. Now she loves playing, bouncing and running, and gets excited about activity.