About Our Program

Concierge Service

Volunteers have spent thousands of hours performing customer service, helping potential adopters meet and get to know these dogs. We provide counseling and support to help families to select the right dog.

In Shelter Wellness and Training

Each dog in our program gets a dedicated group of volunteers who spend hours of one-on-one time with them, ensuring overall well-being while at the shelter. Many of our dogs work with local trainers learning manners, basic commands, and life skills.

Adoption Packages

  • Waived adoption fee
  • Crate
  • Training voucher
  • Medical care

Post Adoption support & counseling

Volunteers are available to help adopters get over little bumps in the road-like housetraining mishaps or chewed up sofa cushions-to increase the chances that an adoption will succeed.


About Us

Hard Luck Hounds was founded in 2011 to assist the Austin Animal Center in its mission to keep our city no kill and save every homeless pet that enters its doors. Thankfully most animals are adopted quickly but a small group keeps getting left behind, often waiting months or longer to be discovered. Hard Luck Hounds formed to help the shelter's longest-stay dogs find forever families.

We shine a spotlight on these amazing, overlooked companions. Truly great dogs that need a little extra help to stand out from the crowd. Maybe they're no longer puppies or a little shy, too eager, too big, need extra training-all types of dogs who ofter get lost in the busy shelter system. But we know what loyal, loving, lifetime companions they can be and we are dedicated to matching our Hounds with their perfect person.

The Hounds are a unique and special bunch. They've already proven how resilient they are to endure months on end alone in their kennels. They've kept their spirits up and never given up hope as they wait to be loved, wait to go home. We're convinced that if you meet our Hounds you'll welcome one of these remarkable dogs into your home, your life and your heart.

Hard Luck Hounds is an all-volunteer program sponsored by the Friends of Austin Animal Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit established to support the work of the city's animal shelter.